Thank you for the time you put in to the decorating and cooking. I always look forward to seeing how creative you are and how good your cooking is. Thank you! God blessed us when he sent you to us. They say that a job well done is its own reward, but still, you should know how much your hard work inspires those around you, how much your efforts are appreciated, and how much your great disposition means to all of us.

                                                 -Martha W.
I have been attending My Beloved Widow gatherings for over a year now. I have never witnessed nor even heard of such a beautiful outpouring of God's love for widows in all my life. What you are doing has to be unique modeling to all those who hear of you, the love of Christ and a profound way to express His love. Only God could have birthed this idea in your heart. It has His fingerprints all over it! God takes the least of us and uses us to carry out His magnificent plans which the world usually totally misses or ignores! So He is using a quiet neighborhood in an insignificant little town in Florida..                              -Gerry B.
I was deeply moved with your unexpected, elaborate, "luncheon". It turned out to be much more than that. From the warm greeting at the curb, to the final hugs and "good-bye", it was sensational. What a wonderful idea which blossomed into a very special time for lots of women who are sometimes overlooked. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to start something like this in Boonville, NY! Many thanks for the delightful time with you and the Beloved Widows!                                     

                                    -Lori F.
Words cannot express the "heartfelt" thanks that I feel each time you, your family and friends shower us with your Widow Luncheons. You always make us feel so loved and special. You certianly have God's anointing over your ministry. With every theme, it is a work of art and always original. Never in three years that you've been serving us, has anything been duplicated. You are absolutely amazing!

I don't have the words to thank you for all you do for the Widow's Luncheon. Every time we meet it is so beautifully decorated throughout the house and the food is always so delicious. I look forward to going each time. It is lots of fun! May God bless you.

                                            -Julia B.

Thank you, thank you for all you do and say. I've been thinking of all the wonderful memories, gifts, tears, laughter and always new friends. I struggled, to attend the first time and after that I didn't want to return, not because I was not welcomed, I didn't understand the concept of loving widows. I have attended many Christian seminars, many Cursillos and much more, so I've experienced God's love in many ways. So what has been the difference? All that attend have one thing in common, we lost someone we love! It's not talked about unless we bring up the subject to one another. It's not the wonderful meals that Tony takes time and effort to make sure our meals are hot and tasty, and the entertainment we receive. Not the games, not the servers who make sure our cups are full and our plates are served in a timely fashion. And it's not the care that the valet volunteers take to make sure our cars are parked and that we enter the house safely. Surely not the creative way the chocolate pops are made and the cupcakes. How do you describe what you feel to others? So after some thought I've concluded that it's NOT one thing.... it's all of it. Darlene, Tony, her mother, her father, her son, friends, volunteers. It's the relationships that have been formed, the conversations, and advice and lasting friends. Genuine friends! When I leave an event I leave with memories and gifts. I leave with lasting hugs, rehash conversations, extra food and extra pounds. Sometimes my memories bring tears, a smile, and just maybe I can do this another day. So to all that make this ministry one of the best things that have happened to me and others, I thank you, I love you and I ask God to bless every one of you every day. I regret that I've learned of your love because of a loss but I am soooo grateful you have been part of my journey. On my super sad days God allows a moment of clarity I'll recall a moment. And if you've ever been depressed you know how hard that is. You have no idea of the impact you have had on me. I've heard it takes a village to raise a child. I say it takes a village to feel God's love and you all are my village. From the bottom of my heart Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thank you, thank you all.